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At Let's Cut A Deal, we believe that trees are a vital part of your property. They offer shade and beauty, as well as peace of mind against potential disasters. That is why we provide high-quality tree trimming and pruning services to the greater Pittsburgh area, helping you keep your trees safe and your yard looking amazing -- all year long.

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Reasons for Regular Tree Care

We all know trees can be a beautiful addition to any home, but they need to be pruned and trimmed to grow correctly. Untrimmed tree branches can also cause visibility issues and power lines problems. Some other reasons to keep a regular tree pruning service schedule:

  • Decreases overall tree size
  • Thins dense canopies
  • Helps growth and flowering
  • Increases trunk height under the canopy base
  • Removes dead, diseased, and broken branches
  • Prevents branches from growing into buildings and power lines
  • Prevents damaged branches from spreading or falling unexpectedly
  • Shapes branches and foliage for better outdoor property aesthetics

Our local tree trimming services are fast. Our team is friendly and knowledgable, and our prices are affordable. Our pros are trained to handle any tree cutting work you need doing. Call us now to receive a free price estimate today!

Proudly Serving The Greater Pittsburgh Area

Let's Cut A Deal is a licensed and fully insured local tree pruning company serving the residents of Pittsburgh, PA and its surrounding communities.

  • Avalon, PA
  • Bellevue, PA
  • Ben Avon, PA
  • Ben Avon Heights, PA
  • Brighton Heights, PA
  • Emsworth, PA
  • North Hills
  • Observatory Hill, PA
  • Perrysville, PA
  • Ross, PA

Qualified Tree Experts: Licensed + Insured

Our tree service team has all the necessary qualifications and licenses in the tree care industry. We are insured for property damage and bodily injury, giving our clients peace of mind that your tree service work is completed with limited liability to your home and family's safety.

HIC Number: PA135604
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What Your Neighbors Say About Let’s Cut A Deal

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“Let's Cut A Deal, are the Real Deal. I had a very Dead, 80 ft Tree that loomed over my house and part of my neighbors home and on a hill at that. They dropped my tree in 3 sections. Safe. And exactly where they planned to. After 2 years & 7 companies later, Let's Cut A Deal are the only ones willing to take on my tree. I will never call anyone else ever again.”

Debbie Dolecki

“My neighbor asked me to rate the tree company on a scale of 1 to 10. I told my neighbor that I needed bigger numbers. 10 was not not big enough to fairly rate my satisfaction. On a scale of 1 to 10. Let’s cut a deal is a 100. Professional courteous, hard working and better than fair. The extreme weather isn’t going away. We have peace of mind. And that’s priceless.”

Jarrett Altdorfer

Common Tree Care Problems We Tackle

Sagging or Dead Branches

Dead or dying trees can have branches that sag under their weight can cause crossing branches. Crossing branches will inevitably come down in the following significant rain, heavy wind, or snowstorm. When this happens, it can damage your property and endanger your family's safety. It is essential to have your trees evaluated for sagging and dead branches and have them cut before they become a more significant concern.

Unwanted Growth/Overgrowth

Mature trees also can develop crossing limb patterns, which causes limbs to weaken from constant rubbing or knocking. With the added stress of heavy ice and snow accumulating during winter storms or the abuse of being hit by heavy rain and hail – these crossing limbs have a high likelihood of falling and potentially damaging people and property if they are not cut.

Physical Damage

Physical damage can be caused by natural weather-related events, like storms, lightening strikes, and microbursts, or even due to intentional acts such as construction, graffiti, or vandalism. The effects can be devastating and can lead to structural instability that creates a potential safety hazard if not addressed.

Is Hiring A Professional Tree Service Necessary?

Tree care may seem like a straightforward yard work task anyone can do, and you may wonder if the costs associated with hiring a professional is worth the money. The truth is that it's not as easy to do properly as it may appear.

Seeking a cheap tree trimming service to save on the average cost of tree trimming may seem like a good idea. However, if a branch is not cut correctly, the open wounds caused by an improper cutting method will then hurt the aesthetic appeal of your tree and make it susceptible to disease, insect infestation, and other environmental damages.

When cut by our team of pros, you can rest assured it is trimmed using proper techniques that will ensure healthy growth without causing irreparable damage to your tree in the process.

All the more reason, it is crucial only to allow qualified specialists to cut your trees.

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