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Let's Cut A Deal provides top-rated tree removal services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and its surrounding communities. Our tree service teams specialize in tree cutting, stump grinding, and other various removal services.

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What is Included In Our
Removal Services?

Tree removal is dangerous work and should only be performed by well-trained, insured, certified tree removal companies. So, call us today, and we will take care of all the tree care work you need to be done!

Here is what you can expect when having a tree removed by our team:

  • Our tree care specialist will come to your home, evaluate the situation, and give you a cost estimate to complete the removal work.
  • We will devise the optimal plan to remove your tree safely while minimize any risk of damage to your property (or neighboring structures) during the removal. This could include climbing any large tree and pruning branches that could complicate the service.
  • Once the tree is properly prepped, we will safely cut the tree down and then remove the trunk.
  • Our tree services crew will remove all of your tree branches and stump pieces. They will then clean the area and ensure your property is clear of any remaining wood debris before they finish.

Why Hire Let's Cut a Deal?

At Let's Cut A Deal, we are dedicated to providing professional tree removal solutions for anyone living in Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities. Our tree care teams are fully licensed, insured, and trained with the optimal care and best practices in mind.

Tree Service Experts With Experience

Leaving your yard tidy and tree free! We also have experience handling large trees that some local tree removal companies may not risk.

Licensed + Insured

It's unwise to incur the risk by going with a company advertising ultra-low prices. By going with a cheap tree removal service, especially if they are not licensed or insured, you could be liable for physical injuries, property damage, and even damage to neighboring properties!

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“They did an awesome job at my property. Rick also identified a drainage problem that was quickly fixed by the borough. Trees that threatened the house have been removed and I couldn’t be happier with the folks who are helping us make this house our home. Highly recommend.”

Beborah Meeks

“Extremely efficient and professional tree service. Quoted a very reasonable and affordable price for tree removal. Many tree removal companies were 7-14 days wait. They were 14 days, but fit me in within four days of calling. Whole crew came early and worked hard to finish before noon. Excellent work, highly recommend Let’s Cut A Deal.”

Benjamin Potter

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How Much Does a Tree Removal Cost in Pittsburgh, PA?

The average price for tree removal varies depending on where we are removing trees from, the size of the tree, how many trees need to be removed, and if any additional equipment is required to complete the project.

Need a large tree removal cost? Try our free virtual estimate to get an average price for tree removal on your property.

5 Key Factors When Calculating Tree Service Cost

Various factors can impact the average price for tree removal. Here are five essential factors that are considered tree removal costs to be higher than anticipated.

Tree Height

The height of the tree you want to remove impacts the price. The taller the tree may require different equipment to remove it. Cranes or other cutting equipment may be required for large tree removal. Need a large tree removal cost? Request a free quote here.

Trunk Size

Regardless of height, if your tree has a particularly thick trunk, this can add to the cost to remove it. This is why, sometimes, a tall tree with a slender trunk may cost less to remove than a tree same height with a thicker trunk.

Unique Tree
Removal Situations

If you have unique tree removal complications, such as:

  • Intertwining or trees that have multiple trunks
  • Located on a hill side
  • Neighboring structures
  • Other extraordinary space considerations

Complicated growth situations, like those listed above, can affect your tree removal cost.

Tree Health &
Structural Condition

Strong and healthy live trees will often cost more to remove than dead trees as they will require more labor to complete the job. If you have a tree that has fallen or a dead tree that is soft and brittle, it may cost a little less to remove – unless, of course, there are any more significant removal complications the tree deterioration is causing.

Only The Tree Trunk
Needs to be Removed

If all you need is a tree trunk laying on the ground removed, the safety factor to complete this type of job is much lower than that of a full-sized tree, and consequently, so are the tree removal costs. You can generally expect to pay between $100 and $300 to perform a basic removal service. If a tree stump removal is what you need, be sure to ask us about our professional stump removal + grinding services.

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Special Added Costs

Various considerations are accounted for when determining the tree removal costs you can expect to pay. Here are some items to consider.

A Crane Is Needed To Remove The Tree

If it’s too risky to access or fell the tree—for example, if the tree is near power lines or close to your house or other buildings—you could be charged an extra 50% for removing it. A crane is used as a precaution in such cases to avoid the risk of the falling tree hitting surrounding structures. Jobs that require a crane will cost at least $500 more than standard removal prices.

Damaged Tree Removal Considerations

Following a severe storm, heavy winds, or a microburst, a tree may come crashing down and damage your home or other structures located near the tree. This can affect the average price for tree removal.

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