Is It Safe For Me to Address a Fallen Tree Myself?

  • January 17, 2022
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While a downed tree may not seem all that dangerous, you should always opt to telephone trained professionals. Always put yours and others’ safety first. Things can go awry fairly quickly for the untrained person, even if all the proper equipment is used.

There is so much to take into account, such as calculating the weight of the tree; having the means to haul away without damaging property or toppling power and telephone lines; possessing the right tools to do the job—and most importantly, the training and expertise in how to safely and successfully remove the collapsed tree.


How Long Can I Wait Before Calling an Emergency Tree Specialist?


To act fast is key: the longer you wait to address the problem, the more serious the consequences could become. Whether the issue is a dying tree, a bough gradually splitting, to insects ravaging and weakening it making it susceptible to collapsing, structural damage, to a potential fire hazard, time is of the essence. Call the office at Let’s Cut a Deal and we’ll send out a qualified expert to examine the damage. 

If you seek a business that services tree removal – call Let's Cut A Deal now for a free quote and learn more about our tree removal services!

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