Are Emergency Tree Situations Preventable?

  • December 07, 2021
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Granted, we can’t always predict when a tree will pose an emergency safety hazard, there are some situations that may arise that are preventable. A tree service professional, such as the experts at Lets Cut A Deal, have the training and expertise to recognize a potential issue before it turns into an emergency.


Let's review some factors that could eventually lead to a dangerous situation—


Age: It is not uncommon for a tree to fall due to age. Though they can sometimes live for centuries, we cannot know when a tree’s time is up.


Structural Damage: Broken limbs and tree branches are among the most frequent forms of tree harm. These types of injuries can put the tree's structural integrity at risk, causing it not to support its weight, resulting in the tree’s collapse.


Health: A common way death can occur is due to disease. One specific example is the most prevalent and deadly tree disease, Dutch Elm Disease, which ultimately destroys all of the water-conducting tissue in an Elm, which leads to rapid deterioration.


Storm Damage: Storm season can bring about inclement weather that is prone to causing downed power lines—and trees. One kind of tree that is particularly vulnerable is the Oak, which has a shallow root system, making them considerably susceptible to being toppled by high winds. 


Weakened Roots: Roots can deteriorate as the tree ages. The roots of a mature tree are massive networks that reach out and grab onto the ground around it with solid tendrils. Despite their natural strength, if these root systems sustain too much damage, they could cause it to come crashing down due to lack of stability.


Pests: A tree can quickly succumb to pests, such as ants, termites, and beetles. A telltale sign of degradation is sawdust on the ground nearby the trunk, holes and/or tunnels: insects burrow into the tree itself which will only bring about decay and instability. 

If you are concerned that a tree may pose a danger, call Let's Cut A Deal today to make an appointment for evaluation and prevention to ensure the safety  and welfare of the family and property.  
Sadly, people are often taken advantage of by unscrupulous people. Don’t let it happen to you. 

Avoid Paying Overpriced Emergency Tree Removal Costs

In a natural disaster, don't be taken advantage of by a dishonest tree-cutting company.

Some unscrupulous tree service contractors are known for providing low-ball price estimates before starting a tree removal service job so that you will agree to hire them. 

Let's Cut A Deal is a well-rated and reputable business that you can always trust to provide high-quality professional work with affordable emergency tree removal costs.

Give us a call today to book an appointment for evaluation and prevention—or when you’re having a tree emergency!

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